Welcome To The Legion

This site is for Owners and Coaches of Level Method Facilities to access their eLearning, Programming, and Mentoring Resources available to them. If you are interested in implementing the Level Method visit our homepage.  ~


The Level Method solves a lot of problems, and is an awesome tool, but what if we could take everything even better. 

Well, that’s what we think our gym programming will do, it’s just fits so perfectly, everything integrated, seamless and smooth. 

A true system that produces Level Ups like clockwork, and is founded upon real, sound energy system fundamentals, with warmup/coaching notes and education opportunities for your coaches to lock in these concepts .

eLearning and Resources


Access your eLearning for learning about the Level Method and Implementation Best Practices, you can also add your coaches to the eLearning (up to 8)  per facility. If you need more eLearning accounts please contact us.  You will also find Resources such as templates for certificates, scorecards, marketing materials and more. Log in  to your Legion account to get access.

Social Media

Free Social Media templates for events, powerful moments, education.  Learn about or access the done for you Social Media Service here also.