Assessment Resources

Video Overview of all Assessment Materials

Assess is the first word in our tagline Assess, Address, Progress. These resources are here to help you through the assessment process. Whether it's your first time, or 20th time. In general, we recommend doing 3 assessments a year. If you have any questions please let us know, we are here to help you succeed. 

Assessment Process

How do you want to run Level Method Assessment Cycles at your Gym?

Well, each gym community is a little different, but most assess three times a year, some twice, and some don't do large assessment cycles at all, preferring to sprinkle in category tests throughout.

We prefer assessment cycles at least a couple times a year because they are massively powerful. A well run assessment cycle will produce so much buzz, and so many powerful moments, that people will be on a high for weeks after. Plus, if you tie in goal setting sessions, the amount of added value and revenue skyrockets. It's a system. But to get the benefits, you've got to start, and then refine your processes over time.

The power of a well-run assessment cycle is HUGE -- and they are a SKILL. At first, they'll be a bit chaotic, and overwhelming... but that's how things can be at first. Repetition is the mother of skill. And you'll get better and better...

The first Assessment you ever do has two challenges: 1) it will be more labor intensive as you get your footing and processes down and 2) some members may not be totally sold because it's a brand new thing.

Once you get through that first Assessment, the second time around is where the real magic happens. This is when people start to level up in a significant way, and they SEE how the Level Method works. Each Assessment gets smoother and smoother.

For a gym wide assessment, take a look at the sample calendar. You might be wondering, why only a week of promotion? Well, you definitely want to promote it to get members excited, but not hype it up so much that folks get nervous about it or go too hard on their first assessment. 

On your first assessment cycle, it's very important to simply accurately assess and get folks on the MAP, there will be many more opportunities to retest in the future. 

Sample Assessment Calendar

Assessment Promotion Week

Here are some materials, to get people excited about the upcoming assessments. As mentioned above, we're not looking to go crazy with our promotion and hype it up so much that members go way too hard, or get anxious and don't show up.

These assets are customizable so you can change them however you want -- adjusting dates, designs, pictures etc. 

We recommend Canva -- it's a great (free) tool -- and makes sharing easy. We're sharing templates so you can just copy them.

There is a holder for "YOUR LOGO" so don't just take them and push them out -- update it with your logo! 🙌🏻

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 4.31.52 PM

Gym Wide Assessments

The reason our Assessments last 3 weeks is because not everyone comes every day, so the intent is to cover as wide a base as possible by dispersing the tests to cover different days on different weeks. 

(**Note if you've done multiple assessments, consider just doing a 2 week Assessment Period for powerful moments and getting Level Ups during our Global Assessment periods)

Optional provides a choice for a different workout if a member has recently tested the category. We also provide "Assessment Only" Slides, and these do NOT have Optional workouts.


Assessments in ChalkIt

For those using ChalkIt, here is a video on how to overlay the assessments into ChalkIt. Check this out whether you are just using ChalkIt as a display or using it for members to track workouts.

Goal Setting

Use this time, fresh off assessments to set goals for your members. This is the best time when they are feeling pumped they will probably be asking you about how to get better faster with personal training, supplemental programming, workshops, etc...