Assessment Notes/Slides

Global Assessments

Materials for 3 Week Global Assessment Cycle


Everything below is customizable so you can change them however you want -- adjusting dates, designs, pictures etc. 

We recommend Canva -- it's a great (free) tool -- and makes sharing easy. I'm sharing templates below so you can just copy them.

There is a holder for "YOUR LOGO" so don't just take them and push them out -- update it with your logo! 🙌🏻

#1) Flyers -- there are two here, one showing the outline of the testing for each of the three weeks (without dates), and the other as a general flyer.

#2) Social Media Posts - there are three here. Different designs but all pretty much the same concept. Just giving information.

Again, they are yours to use however you like. 🔥

Additionally there is a social media post HERE (along with all the info above) for you to use, with a written out time line of the three weeks.

Coach Notes

Version 2 Slides (Current)

WEEK 1 SLIDES: (Pounds) - (Kilograms) - (Test Only)

WEEK 2 SLIDES: (Pounds) - (Kilograms) - (Test Only)

WEEK 3 SLIDES: (Pounds) - (Kilograms) - (Test Only)

Version 1 Slides (Legacy)

Reminder, Version 1 Is Not Supported after 2/1/2020 - Please contact so we can migrate you!

WEEK 1 SLIDES: (Pounds) - (Kilograms)

WEEK 2 SLIDES: (Pounds) - (Kilograms)

WEEK 3 SLIDES: (Pounds) - (Kilograms)