License Agreement

Level Method License Agreement

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We just need you to sign the Level Method License Agreement. You should receive an email in the next 5 to 10 minutes with a link to digitally sign the agreement.

Our automated system will then check every 15 minutes and once you've signed the license agreement you will receive an email with your eLearning Login, as well as an email to access your Level Method Software, which you will learn more about in the eLearning.

Please read the entire license agreement! Here is a basic summary:

Our licensing agreement allows you to use and license the Level Method technology as long as your account is in good standing. It also allows us to reference you in testimonials or even links on our site saying you are a Level Method facility. In the event you wish to cancel you will need to notify us 30 days in advance. We will shut off access to the software, and you will need to ship the 4x8 MAP back to us in order to have your account cancelled. We have to cover this for legal purposes, our goal is to provide so much value to you that you stay with us forever. 🙂