Legion Mastermind

She easily generated 4k in revenue after joining this group

...and at first was skeptical about getting involved


A 13-week weekly-meetup where Legion owners can get what they need to truly excel.

"I love this hour every week, great people and so many good things to come from it."

Ben Jakeman, Ulysses Fitness

"It’s been a highlight of my week for the last 3+ months. I loved learning. I loved sharing. I loved growing. Can’t wait for the next round."

Kevin Wood

"It’s hard dealing with self doubt and not sharing it with my staff for fear of negatively impacting their confidence in me or the gym.
The Mastermind was a great opportunity to share frustrations, ask questions and just be inspired by others."

Carl Neidholdt


Let us guess...

You don’t have time and you’re not sure if this program is worth the time, commitment, or money. You might already know what to do to add extra revenue in your business, and you may already have a team of coaches or admin that helps out...

Maybe you've been in a mastermind before, and it was okay but it sucked up precious time! So what could possibly be so new and great about Level Method Mastermind?

The big problem is you always feel feel strapped for time, and you're not sure if this is right for you.

Group of business people brainstorming with sticky notes on glass window

So let's be real...

You might have a great thing going at your gym; how you run community events, how you market to get new leads, or your onboarding process is awesome. You may even have SOPs in place you are proud of...


And that's what this Mastermind is all about. Since you’re not one to shy away from an opportunity to learn and grow (I mean would you really have implement Level Method and gone all this way if you were?) this is the PERFECT place to get around like minds.

Our Mastermind meets on a WEEKLY RHYTHM

A week is the perfect amount of time for implementation and accountability. So you can take what you learn, implement, come back and report, discuss, reflect. Plus, you'l learn from 3 experts over the course of the 13 weeks. You'll also have the opportunity to get be on the hot seat (everyone will), and brainstorm issues, learn, and share your knowledge and wisdom too.

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Serious gym owner with pain in his eyes praying for ending of the pandemic and opening gyms and sports clubs

Running a gym... 

You already know everything relies on your leadership. You take care of business and you may have a solid support system around you- but the truth is you are alone -- the plight of the small business person and the entrepreneur. Is there anyone in your inner circle who knows EXACTLY what you do on a daily basis, and the responsibilities you carry? 

Most days are pretty good and run smooth enough, but you feel like you get distracted by new ideas, and overwhelmed by all the things you 'have to do.'

You have hundreds of leads in your system, some past members, but you don’t have a system for reaching out and getting them interested.

You’ve had a few successful community events, but you lost traction after COVID.

Half of your membership has their levels but it’s been challenging to get the other half engaged.

You have a badass website but don’t have constant stream of prospect coming in for intros

And you could use a couple more coaches on the team to delegate and get more of YOUR time back!

It’s very isolating going at this all alone, and there’s no other group meeting around you that has these two incredibly important things:

Other Legion owners who run the Level Method and want to GROW.

A consistent way to collaborate, engage, swap ideas with Owners like you from around the globe!

It’s possible to have both!

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Woman team leader making presentation for colleagues in office, coworkers clapping hands, free space

Imagine how it will feel for you when you have:

The constant support and understanding of like-minded leaders in your industry.

Accountability from peers and group leaders.

Fresh new ideas to inspire new levels of motivation for yourself and business.

A space to be honest about your struggles.

The time to share your successes with people who really want to learn from you

- and get all those things without breaking the bank PLUS making your money back (and more!) simply by implementing what you learn.

Mastermind will give you the exact drive and idea generation you’ve been looking for so you can stay on track as you continue to differentiate yourself from the competition, but not do it alone.

"Thank you for tonight (for me night) it was an awesome talk, psyked for next week"

-Alexander Rothberg, Islands of Granite CrossFit

" I truly recommend it. We've been in business ten years now ...and gatherings like this have made it possible to continue in business through some of the hardest times.... The mastermind really helped up the game to another level again."
-Miska Toivonen, CrossFit Sörnäinen (Helsinki.Fi)
"Did my morning routine today. Closed a 4K 6 mo online client and got more done than I have in 1 day in a LONG time."

-Dan Romigh


A 13-week meetup where like-minded Legion owners grow and excel together so you can continue to differentiate, without doing it all alone.


3 live workshops with experts on finance, marketing for gym owners, and implementing a personal system so you walk away with secrets pertinent to your business.

Access to the exclusive Slack channel where all current Mastermind participants and facilitators will keep in touch so you don’t lose focus or motivation in between calls.

A custom one-of-a-kind shirt designed just for Mastermind 2021 participants so you know you are part of a special group!

Day-of text reminders so you don’t have to go searching for that zoom link 1 minute before the call.

A scheduled date for you to be in the hotseat- the floor is yours for 30 minutes to present, or ask the group for advice so you don’t have to worry about when your turn is (you will be in the hotseat 2 times total in 13 weeks).

Access to all past recordings from Mastermind 2021 so you don’t miss out on what other groups discussed.

Weekly call reminders via email so you’re not that person who misses a call by accident.

AND a special  gift (or two or three)  from facilitators and Level Method so you know we appreciate you and invest back into you- plus, who doesn’t like gifts when they’ve earned it?!


We get it...

You’re busy and are still thinking...

“I don’t have time for this”

...and the thought of investing your hard earned dollars, an hour a week, plus whatever pops up is just going to strap you down more.

But here's the thing...

Legion Mastermind is NOT just another hyped-up meetup that will assign you busy work that takes you away from what’s important to you.


With Mastermind, you will learn what the BEST in the business are doing. And you will learn how to get more time to doing what you love- whether it be working ON the business rather than IN the business, more time with family, or more time with your clients and less time behind the computer…

Throughout the 13 weeks, you will see a shift in your organization of time, and a boost in your thoughts, feelings, and creativity.

”Deliberately Seek The Company Of People Who Influence You To Think And Act On Building The Life You Desire.” – Napoleon Hill

Who this is and isn’t for:

This is for your if:

You have owned your gym for at least a year

You have one area of skill that you know others would benefit from you sharing

You are inspired to take action when you hear brilliant ideas

You want to make as many calls as you can out of the 13

You can give your full attention to the person in the hot seat

You love brainstorming and learning with a group

You are excited to hear ideas that are not from your own head

You are interested in ways to make more money

You love the idea of putting more systems in place to get more time

You could use a group of peers who do what you do and want to see you succeed

This is not for you if:

You are in your first year of gym-ownership

You are a coach

You (think) don’t have any areas to improve on in your business

You get offended when someone has a constructive idea or feedback to offer you

You want to keep all your rev gen ideas to yourself

You hate proactive, strong leaders who don’t play victim-role

You want the work done for you

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9 years ownership, 3 years with LM.

"I’ve implemented the tools that LM has taught me over the years and it has allowed me to have enough time to run my gym, coach, personal train, work for LMHQ AND still have time for the two most important people in my life - hubs and kiddo!"

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 4.13.51 PM


13 years ownership, 1.5 years with LM.

"I’ve probably made most of the mistakes as an owner, and leaner many valuable lessons. I would love to help other owners not make those same (sometimes costly) mistakes."

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 4.25.00 PM


8 year gym manager, 5 years with Level Method

I am interested in what people can accomplish when they are in groups, human psychology, and relating. I love the impact I've seen Legion leaders make on each other, and therefor each other's business, when they put their minds together.

Mastermind is run by 3 experts in gym-ownership, community engagement and Level Method

Man and woman work on laptop project

"Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." --Mattie Stepanek

I'm not afraid to say it - if you haven't sent in your application for the Legion Mastermind, you're crazy! The wealth of knowledge and amount of tasks you'll be able to take action on is invaluable. Don't pass this up! - Kevin Wood