Time: 25

SMR: Calves (5 min)
200m run
Bear Crawl relay
2 teams, across the gym and back x2
30 Bunny Hops

Part 1
Time: 25
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

3 Max Unbroken sets of double Unders; 2 min rest


2 min DU practice, 1 min rest
x3 – focus on keeping hands close, coordinating breathing with jump rhythm.

Followed By:
5 Rounds:
5 Powercleans 225/155 -> 185/135 -> 155/115 -> 135/95
(IF BELOW BLUE – hang power clean 95/65 -> RKBS)
15 Wall Balls 20/14->14/10->10/4->Air Squats
200m run

For the jump-rope portion use this as a time for practice. Focus on technique especially for those who have not yet gotten their double-unders

This is aerobic power with a heavy element – the weight chosen on the power clean should allow for either touch n go reps or quick singles. It should NOT take a prolonged period of time, goal here is to keep moving with high breathing, while requiring heavy contractions within the effort.

Part 2
Time: 10
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Plumbing

6 min AMRAP:
30 Sit-ups
20s L-sit->hanging knee raise hold->bent hollow hold

This should BURN the entire time. Embrace it and just keep moving, especially on the sit-ups

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