Time: 25

SMR Glutes/Hip Flexors (6 min)
Couch Stretch (2 min e/s)
10 Front Step Lunges
10 Back Step Lunges
10 Goblet Squats
12 American KBS

(After Squat endurance and before 15m AMRAP)
Review Hang Power Cleans and Push Press

Part 1
Time: 15
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Electricity

Squat Endurance:
OI and below: 12min EMOM alt.
1: 12 Goblet Squats
2: 12-16 Lunges
OI-BI: 3×8 Bulgarian Split Squats
BI<: 20 Rep Back Squats

Notes: For the 20 Rep back squats this will be an 8 week progressions, adding weight each week. Start light!!

Part 2
Time: 20
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

15 minute AMRAP
9 Burpees over bar-> Bodybuilders
12 Box Jumps 24/20->20/16-> Step-ups
15 Hang Power Cleans 75/55->55/35->RKBS
15 Push Press 75/55->55/35 ->Dumbbells

High breathing and high heart rate (85-95%), scale in order to sustain this effort.

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