Time: 20

Hip Flexor Stretch+Glute SMR (8 min)
200m Run/jog
5 Inch Worms
30s Squat Hold
20 Back Step Lunges (10 e/s)
10 Glute Bridges

Part 1
Time: 15
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Electricity

Squat Endurance
6 Rounds:
30s max Airsquats rest 10s
30s Wall Squat Hold rest 10s

3×8 Bulgarian Split Squats

20 Rep Back Squats

Weight should be added to the bulgarian split squats and 20 Rep squats as compared to last week. Members may test their squat endurance during this portion if previously untested OR if coach approves a level up attempt.

Part 2
Time: 25
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

18-16-14-12-10-8 for time of:
Thrusters 75/55->55/35->Goblet Squats
Kettlebell Swing (American) 53/35 -> 35/44 -> 26/35 -> Russian
200 meter Run

Heart rate and breathing should be high (85-95% hr). The thrusters are going to be the primary challenge here, so split them up if needed, but aim for no more than 2 sets, and take quick rests in between sets. The KBS will offer some built in rest, so work on relaxing, and catching your breath.

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