Time: 20

Upper & Lower back (erectors) SMR (5 min)
10 American Kbs (light)
10 Air Squats; 2s hold at bottom
10 Behind-the-neck press w/PVC
Review Snatch

Part 1
Time: 28
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

For Time:
1k row Buy In -> 500m row


3 Rounds
5 Power Snatch 155/115->135/95->95/65->65/45->American Kbs
15 Deadlifts 155/115->135/95->95/65->65/45 -> KB Deadlift
20 Wall-Balls 20/14->14/10->10/4->Air Squats
60 Double-unders->120 Singles->60 Singles

Powersnatch weight and DL weight should be the same. Snatch weight should be difficult, but doable, quick singles is preferable. DO NOT try to set a PR 1k row at the beginning, go steady and get the breathing going, you should be able to start the rounds right away after the row. Heart rate and breathing should steadily increase throughout the effort.

Part 2
Time: 12
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Plumbing

3 Rounds For Quality
10 Straight Leg Lifts->Knee raise
30s L-Sit->Knee raise hold
30 Sit Ups
30s Reverse Plank

This is pure plumbing. Embrace and chase the core burn.

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