Time: 20

200m Run
1 min Squat Hold
15 Banded RDL
10 Air Squats 2s hold at bottom
10 Press e/s w/ light DB
Review DB Thrusters ie: How to hold the dumbbells in order to stay balanced

Part 1
Time: 40
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

In Partners For Time: (35min Cap)
300 DB Thrusters 50/35->35/20->25/15
*Every 3 minutes: 200m Run*

This workout is a you go/I go structure, until the team reaches a total of 300 Thrusters or 35 Minutes. Every 3 minutes bot partners go out on the 200m run and may not start back on the thrusters until both partners have finished the run. This will be a mix between Aerobic Endurance and Stamina, with the Stamina portion being either in the shoulders or legs depending on the athlete. Scale appropriately!

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