Time: 20

Hamstring SMR (5 min)
200m Run
10 Windmills (e/s)
12 Back-step Lunges
12 Front-step Lunges
10 Bodybuilders
12 Goblet Squats
12 Ring Rows

Part 1
Time: 40
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

25 minute AMRAP
10 Burpees w/ DBs 35/20->25/15->No DBs
12 Pull-ups->16 Jumping Pull-ups
14 Squats w/ DBs Front-racked 35/20->25/15->No DBs
200m Run w/ 45/35lb plate->35/25lb->25/15lb->15/10lb

This is going to be long aerobic power with stamina elements. Members should expect to be very uncomfortable throughout, pick a pace and stick to it.

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