Time: 25

Glutes/Hip Flexor SMR (8min)
200m Run
10 Air Squats
10 Russian Kbs
10 Banded RDL
10 Light DB Press (e/s)

Part 1
Time: 35
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

10 minute AMRAP
13 Wall-balls 20/14->14/10->10/4
11 Box-Jumps 24/20->20/14->Step-ups
9 American Kbs 53/35->44/26->35/18

Rest 8 minutes

Members should expect this one to have heavy breathing and a high heart rate (90%+). Maintain this intensity throughout the 10 minutes and emphasis smooth and quick movements and transitions. The goal is to remain consistent across both efforts, the 8 minutes of rest should be plenty of time for that. Make sure to have athletes walk around during the rest and to not sit for too long. Breathe early and breathe often.

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