Time: 30

Lower Back/Hamstring SMR (10 min)
“Huddle Tag”
All but one person get in a “huddle”/ arms locked or over each other’s shoulders- choose one person in the huddle that the group has to “protect” from the one person who is outside of the huddle, and whose goal is to tag that “protected” person.
5 inch worms
10 Hanging Knee Raises
10 Front Step Lunges (e/s)
15 Box Push-ups
15 Romanian Deadlift w/Just Barbell

Part 1
Time: 30
Primary: Electricity - Secondary: Plumbing

24min EMOM
1: 30s Front Rack Front Step Lunge 95/65->75/55->55/35
2: 30s Accumulate L-Sit->Hanging Knees Raised->In between boxes
3: 30s Romanian Deadlift 95/65->75/55->55/35
4: 30s Strict Ring Dips->Box Dips->Push-ups->To Box

Each minute will have localized burning, but the rest between repeating movements should be enough to maintain consistency across the 6 rounds. Members should choose an option that is tough but sustainable.

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