Time: 25

Hip Flexor/Glute SMR (8 min)
“Rowling” x2
In partners, each partner will try to row as close to 100m as possible. Both partners will do burpees for however many meters under or over they go. Each partner will go twice.
(IE: if member rows 97m then both partners will do 3 burpees and if the next partner rows 105 then they will both do 5 burpees).
12 Russian Kettlebell Swings
12 Hanging Knee-raise
12 Ring Rows
12 Box Push-ups

Part 1
Time: 35
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Plumbing

28 minute EMOM
1: 40s Goblet Squat 70/53->53/44->44/35->35/26
2: 40s Toes to Bar->Knee Raises->Sit-ups
3: 40s Ring Rows
4: 40s Max Unbroken Strict Press into Max Push Press 75/55->55/35->45/25

Members should expect and chase a deep localized burning during each minute. The rest between repeating movements should be enough to maintain consistency across the 7 rounds. Members should choose a variation that is tough but sustainable. The focus should still be on consistent and tight form for all movement.

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