Time: 20

Quad/Hamstring SMR (10 min)
10 Banded Tricep Push-downs
10 Light Wall-balls
10 Ring Rows
10 Push-ups

Part 1
Time: 40
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Plumbing

32 minute EMOM Alternating (STAMINA sets):
1: 30s Ring Push-ups->Push-ups->To Box
2: Max Unbroken Wall-balls (1 Set up to 50s) 20/14->14/10->10/4
3: 30s Pronated Barbell Row 75/55->55/35
4: 30s Back Step Lunge w/BB on back 75/55->55/35

Members should expect and chase a deep localized burning during each minute. Focus on the contractions, meaning… high quality, focused reps. The rest between repeating movements should be enough to maintain consistency across the 8 rounds. Members should choose an option that is tough but sustainable. Again, consistent and tight form for all movements. Wall-ball sets should be 15+ reps.

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