Time: 20

Quad/Glute SMR (8 min)
200m Run
5 Inch-worms
5 Cossack Squats (each side)
10 Light Dumbbell Press
15 Banded RDL
10 Hanging Knee Raise

Part 1
Time: 40
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Plumbing

35 minute EMOM Alternating
1: 40s Pistols->To Box
2: 30s Handstand Push-ups->Piked on Box->Dumbbell Press
3: 20s Front Squat into 20s Jumping Air Squats 95/65->75/55->65/45->55/35
4: 30s Toes-to-Bar->Hanging Knee Raise
5: 40s Deadlifts 95/65->75/55->65/45->55/35

Members should expect and chase a deep localized burning during each minute. The rest between repeating movements should be enough to maintain consistency across the 7 rounds. Members should choose an option that is tough but sustainable. Focus should still be on consistent and tight form for all movement. Again, the goal is to get to elicit deep burning and a filling feeling in the muscle during each minute. On “3” go straight from front squats to jumping air squats and end at 40s.

Tips – Choose movements/weights that allow you to keep moving consistently. Pistols require a good amount of flexibility, so if that’s a limiter for you, use a box without worrying what anyone else is doing… same thing goes with hand stand pushups, adjust to keep movement quality high. On front squats, you’ve got an opportunity to work wrist flexibility, keep the elbows up high, you’ll move right into jumping air squats, where the goal is to stay smooth. You’ll finish off with toes to bar, then deadlifts, try to keep moving through the entire 30s, and 40s respectively – both these movements will significantly tax the grip, so keep that in mind.

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