Time: 20

Scap/Lat SMR (8 min)
200m Run
10 Scap Pull-ups 2s hold at top
10 Ring Rows
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings

Part 1
Time: 15
Primary: Electricity - Secondary: Plumbing

3×5 Pull-ups (Add Weight as needed)
3×5 Negatives pronated, 5s Neg.
3×5 Negatives supinated, 5s Neg.

2 minute rest b/t sets

Members should focus on a smooth movement pattern throughout and consistent movement on the negatives. Last set should be tough to complete.

Tips – This is ALL about developing the electricity side of things, so it’s important that there is a high level of concentration on the CONTRACTIONS. You want high quality, solid contractions on each rep. You don’t want to simply do the reps to do them, but contract maximally to build the right signals from brain to muscle. Strength is a SKILL, and this is your opportunity to practice.

Part 2
Time: 25
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Ventilation


200m Run Buy-in
3 Rounds
12 Russian Kbs 53/35->44/26->35/18
12 Burpees->Bodybuilders->To Box

This should be 100% effort, heavy breathing and HIGH heart rate (95%), with a full body lactic/burning feeling by the end.

Tips – transition times will play a role here, so pay attention to where you place your kb, and where you do your burpees. You’re going to come right off the run, into a set of russian swings, but it won’t get hard until you’re past them and into the Burpees, and for some it won’t get hard until the later rounds. The KB has built in rest, so in order to really elicit the right response you’re going to have to MOVE FAST on those burpees, and work to get some rest in on the down portion of the swings. Scale so that members are able to reach this feeling. Members should be MOVING on the first run and get right into the rounds.


AMRAP – move back and forth between the following until you can’t:
15s Bent Hollow Rock
15s Bent Hollow Hold

Members will alternate between 15s of Bent Hollow Rock and 15s of Bent Hollow Hold with no break in between. This one will elicit a deep core burn, members should focus on perfect form throughout. If their form breaks then they are done.

Tips – You’ll start with 15s bent hollow rocks, and move to bent hollow holds, and then back, until you can’t. No rest b/t. Most will last for only a couple rounds, but stay focused and see how long you can go. Your score is what you do on your first set, but if you want a little extra, you can rest and go again.

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