Time: 25

Glute/Hamstring SMR (10 min)
10 Front Step Lunges (5 each side)
10 Back Step Lunges (5 each side)
10 Box Push-ups
10 Partner Sit-ups (arms interlocked)
10 Ring Rows

Part 1
Time: 35
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Ventilation

In Partners (30 minute CAP)
200m Walking Lunges->100m->50m
150 Sit-ups
100 Push-ups->To Box
50 Strict Pull-ups->75 Ring Rows
100m Walking Lunges->50m

This one is going to be just as tough mentally as it is physically. Partners will do the walking lunge portion together at the same time, but all other work can be split up at their discretion. Once they are inside they should do short quick sets, don’t go too deep into muscular fatigue. This is going to BURN the legs, do the walking lunges slow, steady, and consistent.

Tips – Go steady on those lunges, and be careful not to bang the knee cap. Lunges have a tendency to produce a LOT of soreness, so be aware. Once you finish the lunges, you and your partner will accumulate 150 situps then 100 pushups and 50 pullups, no surprises here. Break them up in small sets, rather than big sets. And break them up early… the last thing you want is to burn yourself out so much that you start failing reps. Play it smart, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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