Time: 15

5 inch worms
10 Kettlebell Windmills (5 e/s)
10 Kettlebell Swings
20 Calf Raises
Hang Power Clean Review

Part 1
Time: 20
Primary: Electricity - Secondary: Plumbing

15 minute EMOM
1: 30s Kettlebell Level Work
2: 30s Double-Under Work
Purple+: 1 Clean & Jerk
Blue: 2 Power Cleans
<Blue: 4 Hang Power Cleans

Treat this as high quality practice. For the kettlebells choose a variation that matches the Level, either Russian Swing, One-arm Russian Swing, or Snatches. On all variations REALLY emphasize hip extension and glute activation. If you’re familiar with the KB test on the MAP, you know it’s brutal… and to become proficient requires familiarity! On Snatches make sure that they are punching out at the top so that they are catching in an active overhead position. Those proficient at Double-unders should go for an AMRAP in 30s, otherwise, use this time to practice high quality strung-together reps. The weightlifting should be done based on Level, for ALL Levels have them focus on smooth and crisp technique. The goal here is not to build to a max, but to work on consistent form with moderate weight.

Part 2
Time: 25
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing


For Time (18 minute Cap)
2 Rounds “DT”
400m Run
1 Round “DT”
400m Run
2 Rounds “DT”

DT =
12 Deadlift 155/115->135/95->115/85->95/65->75/55->65/45
9 Hang Power Cleans 155/115->135/95->115/85->95/65->75/55->65/45
6 Shoulder to OH 155/115->135/95->115/85->95/65->75/55->65/45

The addition of the run between DT rounds taxes the aerobic power elements more than classic DT – but you do get a break from the stamina and muscular fatigue elements found in the classic workout. When you get on the runs, shake the arms out, get the breathing back and then push the pace, when you come in try to move right to the bar, and try to keep the DT rounds unbroken… in order to do that, you’ve got to choose an appropriate weight that ALLOWS you to keep moving, and even though you should be pushing the run, don’t go so hard that you can’t keep moving the barbell when you’re back on it.

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