Time: 30

Quad SMR (4 min)
Bottom Squat Hold 90s
12 Banded RDL
6 Broad Jumps
15-20m Crab Walk
In partners:
500m Row
20 Partner Wall-balls (standing next to each other side-side)
20 Partner Box Push-ups

Part 1
Time: 30
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Plumbing

24 Minute EMOM Alternating:
1: AMRAP Pistols -> Jumping Squats->Air Squats
2: AMRAP Strict HSPU -> Push-ups->To Box
3: AMRAP Strict Pullups -> Ring Rows
4: Rest

Pistols, Strict HSPU and Strict Pullups is meant for PURPLE and above athletes, choose carefully on these, as the goal is to accumulate a SOLID number of reps with high quality movement. With Jumping Squats, Pushups, or Ring Rows, this is going to BURN worse than the harder movements. Try to keep reps as consistent as possible across all rounds. There will definitely be some drop off, but don’t fall off a cliff. Be particularly careful in the first few round of hspu/push-ups as these can “go” pretty quickly. On the final round go for max unbroken sets and the biggest numbers in the workout.

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