Time: 15

10 Russian Kettlebell Swings
10 Ring Rows
10 Press with Barbell


Review Arch-Hollow position with all athletes. Starting on the ground and move to the bar. Have members with BII+ Upper Body Pulling work on kipping pull-ups and CTB Pull-ups at this time as well.

Part 1
Time: 25
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

“Hairy Cherry”

12 minute AMRAP
Buy-in: 150 Double-unders
18 Box Jump-overs 24/20
12 Power Snatch 95/65
8 CTB Pull-ups

12 minute AMRAP
Buy-in: 100 Double-unders
18 Box Jump-overs 24/20
12 Power Snatch 75/55
8 Pull-ups (If Blue II+ UB pull)->12 Jumping Pull-ups

12 minute AMRAP
Buy-in: 200 Single-unders
14 Box Jump-overs 24/20
12 Hang Power Snatch 55/35
12 Jumping Pull-ups

12 minute AMRAP
Buy-in: 150 Single-unders
18 Box Step-overs 24/20
12 Hang Power Cleans 55/35
8 Jumping Pull-ups

12 minute AMRAP
Buy-in: 80 Single-unders
14 Box Step-overs 20/16
12 KB Deadlift 35/18
8 Ring Row

Try to go unbroken on the jump rope buy-in, and get into the AMRAP as quick as possible. Movement should be consistent and quick. Remember to get into a rhythm with your breathing so you can keep a high pace. Focus on crisp technique on the weightlifting movement, especially as you get farther into the workout. This would be a good workout for members with BII+ Upper Body Pulling to practice their kipping pull-ups.

Part 2
Time: 20
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Ventilation

Sled Sprints
30m; 2 min Rest x 4
Purple+: 315lbs/225lbs
Blue: 225/185
Orange: 185/135
Yellow: 135/95
White: 95/65
(Assuming the sled weighs 45lbs)

The sprints should be as fast as possible, focus on leg drive and leg cycle speed. Once you get the sled going it is much easier to keep it going. It should be difficult to maintain speed in the last interval.

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