Time: 20

10 Air Squats 3s pause at bottom
20 Walking Lunge
10 Cossack Squats e/s
10 Windmill e/s
4 min smooth run, bike or row – focus on breathing and getting deep, full breaths.

Part 1
Time: 40
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Ventilation

30 min
20 Front Squats 75/55
30 Jumping Lunges
250m Row/200m run
30 Deadlifts 75/55
15 Ring Rows 2010
250m Row/200m run
10 Push-ups 3030->Box->No tempo Box
15 Banded Tricep Push-down
250m row/200m run

Notes: this is an interesting one, and a mainstay in building a solid foundation. You’ll notice that there are focused areas followed by “flushing”. Front squats and jumping lunges, as an example, is followed by 250m row. The goal here is to push your sets to BURN and then flush with a row or run. You should be 100% focused on quality of movement.

On ring rows, you’ll notice 2010, that is a tempo, and means 2 seconds descent, 0 second hold, 1 second ascent, 0 second hold.

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