Time: 3

SMR Glutes 2 min e/s
Couch Stretch 60s e/s
5 Inch worms w/ 3 Air Squats between
15 RKBS Light
10 Bodybuilders
15 RKBS Heavier
10 Wallballs
15 Jumping Pull-ups

Part 1
Time: 30
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

30s on/30s off
1: Wall-Balls
2: Cal Row
3: Russian KBS
4: Jumping Pull-ups

Notes: in the Level Method this system Aerobic Power Endurance (APE) and has bouts of work followed by rest. In this case, 30s on, 30s off. Breathing should be primary focus here and heart rate should be high throughout.

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