Time: 15

10 Ankle Circles each way
20 Bunny hops
Jump Rope Skill
30s Right leg
30s Left Leg
1min Both
15 Banded Goodmorning
10 KB Deadlift
10 Glute Bridge 2s hold at top
10 Deadlift w/Bar

Part 1
Time: 25
Primary: Electricity - Secondary: Electricity

< or =OII: 5x8 Deadlift OII+: 5x5 Deadlift

Notes: While definitely moving into plumbing when we get into 8 reps, we consider this CP work. The nature of these movements should elicit hard muscular contractions, and will train the nervous system for strength.

Part 2
Time: 0
Primary: Ventilation - Secondary: Plumbing

11min AMRAP
6 Burpee Pull-ups->Burpee Jumping Pull-up-> Bodybuilder Jumping Pullup
12 Wall Balls 20/14->14/10-> Air Squat
18 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35->35/20->KBS

Notes: pick a strong pace and hold it for the entire time. If you fall off, and have to slow way down, you didn’t pace correctly. This workout should tax the breathing significantly, and the muscles will burn at points. But the goal is to stay steady and, if possible, speed up as you go through.

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