Time: 20

15-20m Bear Crawl x2
15-20m Crab Walks x2
15-20m Spiderman Crawls x2
12 Russian KBS
5 Vertical Jumps
12 Russian KBS (heavier)
5 Broad Jumps
Power Clean Review (all levels)

Part 1
Time: 20
Primary: Electricity - Secondary: Plumbing

10min EMOM (Level based on WL)
OIII-BIII: 2 Power Cleans+1 Shoulder to OH
P<: 1 Clean and Jerk

Notes: for most people this will be skill work where you work on refining your movements on each movement. But conventionally this is considered CPE, and in the higher levels will hit that system.

Part 2
Time: 20
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Ventilation

20s Max Airbike (or 40s burpees if no Airbike)
rest 3 min

Notes: in order to hit the right system, this must be done as hard and as fast as possible. Some athletes may not be strong enough to elicit the correct response, and in those cases strength has to be built over time. In the Level Method this is considered Lactic Power.

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