Time: 15

Hip/Glute SMR (5 min)
1 min Squat Hold
10 Scap Pull-ups
2 rounds
10 Ring Rows
12 Air Squats

Part 1
Time: 30
Primary: Electricity - Secondary: Plumbing

A) Test Front Squat


Front Squat: 3×8; 2 min rest b/t – build each set


B) Test Upper Body Pull (15m)


Upper Body Pull work, based on Level, choose appropriate:
3×5 Strict Pull-ups
3×5 Pull-up Negatives
3x Max Chin-Over-Bar hold
3×5 Ring Row

Athletes should focus on keeping good position throughout the front squat, especially focus on this while building up. Build up slow on both the upper body pull and the front squat, make sure the nervous system is ready to handle a maximal load if going to a 1-rep.

Part 2
Time: 15
Primary: Plumbing - Secondary: Ventilation

Test Lactic Tolerance


4 min AMRAP:
10 Burpee Over Bar -> Body-builder over bar
10 Power-Clean 95/65 -> 65/45

Athletes should prepare to be uncomfortable. Push into the discomfort and hold a fast pace. Break-up sets early, but try to go unbroken in the last round and leave it all out there.

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