Time: 20

SMR Glutes/Pecs (5 min)
200m jog
5 inch worms
10 Walking Lunges
10 Scap Push-up
15 Banded Tricep Extension
15 Russian KBS (moderate weight)

Part 1
Time: 20
Primary: Electricity - Secondary: Plumbing

Test Squat Endurance


3 min AMRAP Air Squat
rest 3 min
2 min AMRAP Goblet Squat 53/35 -> 35/26
rest 2 min
1 min AMRAP Jumping Lunges

Athletes should build up slow when doing the 20 rep squat. Tell them to take their time and to breathe in between reps. Make sure depth is hit and full lockout is achieved on every rep.

Part 2
Time: 20
Primary: Electricity - Secondary: Plumbing

Test Rings


Ring work:
BI<: Ring Muscle up Practice
OII-BI: 3×5 Weighted Ring Dip
YII-O1: 3×5 Ring Dip Negatives
YII>: 3x Max Ring Hold

Athletes should focus on keeping rings tight to the body and core engaged. Positioning is key with all ring work.

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