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COVID-19 Gameplan Webinar Replay

Materials For Member Engagement During COVID-19

We've re-organized the assets as they continue to grow to make it easier to find based on what you are doing. We've broken it into Resilience Challenge Assets and Communications, Social Media Assets (Internal groups and public posts during this time), and at home workouts. They are all synergistic with each other but if you aren't running the challenge you can still leverage the at home workouts and most of the social media assets. 

Resilience Challenge Resources

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From the communication emails, resources, webinar slides, webinar script, and the manual and online trackers, here is everything you need to run a challenge. (Also see Social Media Assets and Home Workouts for execution during the challenge)

Social Media


6 Weeks of "Done for You" social media posts and graphics. Canva templates you can use to change, add your logo, etc... 

At Home Workouts

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We separated out the at home workouts for those not running the challenge and needing at home workouts to deliver to their clients.